Hologram display is a 3D holographic players designed for advertising, showcase, attracting attention and supporting the exhibition industry.

It will attract the most attention by combining real products accompanied by the holographic imagery. The combination of the two are capable of creating stunning visual effects that will draw curious by passers in and sustain their attention far longer than traditional ad player technology.

Show off your product or messages as a 3D holographic projection, viewable from all angles.

Offer a holographic experience based on revolving 3D animations or special film video sequences. Advertise products, messages, or presentations using our cutting edge 3D hologram displays. Our 3D Holographic Showcase is a real crowd drawer.

Customized sizes can be provided, 180/360 degree can be achieved and content development service can be provided as well.


  • Property Developers
  • Exhibitions
  • Museums
  • Shopping Malls
  • Trade Shows
  • Point of Sale including Cars, Watches, Pearls and Jewels